Inventory Tracking

Tracking your inventory is important at every stage. Many systems allow you to track your inventory by serial numbers, RFID tags, barcodes and other IDs. These tools make it easy to quickly process inventory data when it first makes its way into your warehouse. They also provide an audit of all inventory movement. This is especially important for industries that deal in perishables or consumables. If you ever find yourself needing to recall a certain product, traceability allows you to recall only the products affected. Without traceability, you risk having to recall all items, affected or not, and losing massive amounts of revenue.

Order Management

Most vendors offer an inventory management system that can help you manage your sales orders. These tools allow users to customize pricing, send quotes, track orders and manage returns. Some advanced systems sync orders with inventory levels, mark items for shipment, support multichannel sales and make auto-adjustments to maintain profitability. Order management is an essential feature to increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics and reporting are excellent tools to have on hand as you plan to grow your business. Analytics tools evaluate patterns in your processes to forecast future demand and sales. Predicting demand is a way to reduce safety stock and carrying costs. Keeping inventory around simply for safety’s sake is no longer necessary when you have great insights into how much you’ll actually need.

Mobile Support

This aspect affects what hardware you’ll be managing your processes on and if you’ll be able to do it remotely. Many systems offer a mobile website, which enables users to access the system from any desktop. If you utilize tablets, phones or other mobile devices, check to see if a vendor offers a native application. Mobile support is often OS specific, so it’s important to keep that in mind as well. While most vendors try to support all popular platforms, it’s not a universal concern. So it’s always important that the inventory app you invest in can run on your existing hardware.


This feature allows a single system to be set up and configured for two different business entities/companies so that each has a different “look and feel” or personality. In this way, the more comprehensive systems are successfully implemented across industries and merchandise without customization. While all systems have configurability to some degree, what does it allow you to accomplish? Examples of configuration include: A product with different colors and sizes may be configured in a way to show total product sales and stock on-hand by style or base product, as well as SKU. A role (group of users) or individual configuration table of users that allows for the set-up of data security functions within your organization for updating and viewing data. Flexibility for controlling different types of hardware or interfaces connected to the inventory management system. Adoption of your detailed expense accounting structure.


A user-friendly inventory management system should be easy to navigate, load information quickly and be simplistic, i.e. it’s not overloaded with features you don’t need.

The system should also include new user training. If you’ve never used an inventory management system, getting started can be intimidating. Explore the training features before you purchase a system. Do they offer videos and directions for new users? Can you reach out to a live person for help?

Of course, the term “user-friendly” is different for each person. The only way to know for sure whether you like a program is to try it out. The good news is many programs offer a free trial so you can experiment for the right fit.

Employee management

It is surprising for many when we say that a POS system can be used to manage employees. But, an employee management module of a POS system can help you manage your staffing levels, employee hours, and sales performance which helps you to track employee productivity.

You can track your employee activity by linking it with each transaction. This will help to bifurcate the good and weak performers so that you can take appropriate actions to improve their productivity.


Instead of using traditional punch cards, you can now track your customer loyalty incentives using the POS system.

As the sales of gift cards is increasing every year, your POS system must have the capability to manage those as well.

Today’s POS system go beyond processing sales. As you have learned in the previous sections, a feature-rich POS can help increase efficiency and provide insights to help you improve your productivity. These are the reasons for you to switch to a POS system today. See how Vinculum can help you achieve that with a cloud-based Point of Sale system.

Onboarding and support

Interactive webinars

Our free introduction webinars are always available and will help you get started with the product.

24/7 phone support

Reach out to our customer support anytime, there's always a Lightspeed agent available and ready to help.

One on one sessions

Every one of our plans come with a free one on one session with a POS pro who’ll assist you as long as you need it.

Email and chat support

No time for a call? Just send us an email or a message in the chat and keep working while we answer your questions.

Barcoding & Tagging

Barcoding module helps you eliminate standard human error, which often occurs due to manual data accumulations. Scanning barcode provides fast and reliable solutions. It saves ample time that of entering data manually. At the same time, having barcoding in place reduces employee training time, requires no more than a few minutes to master. Traditionally, it required a lot of efforts and workforce to train an employee on how to record products details.

Barcoding improves inventory control and tracks things such as pricing and product details precisely.

Web Landing Page

Attractive Design

Our Reflex comes with a landing page with App and Play Store links to download the app, yet it can be customized according to the business proprietor’s requirements.


Our Reflex was developed by well-experienced coders and so you can enjoy its seamless performance across various platforms.


Our Reflex is developed with necessary security parameters and highly-advanced technologies in order to keep the app secure and robust.

Bootstrap Responsive

With our Reflex, websites can be designed and built to provide enhanced viewing experience and better accessibility from varied screen sizes like mobile phones, tablets, etc.


Admin Panel


With an effective Admin dashboard in our WeChat clone, owners can monitor and manage user profiles, groups, and all other details.


Devstrings Reflex landing page helps you in getting top on the search engine results by providing the suitable Meta titles, tags, and descriptions.

Admin Channels

Admin Channel is the space available for the Admin where they can include any pieces of information or message that they feel to share it with the users.

App Update

App updates can be done within the admin panel by including a Normal update where the user can update by his wish or Force update which needs to be updated immediately.


With this most beneficial feature in our Reflex, Admin can view and monitor all the details related to the operations occurring inside the app such as users having an account in the app, number of active users, and can also manage all user profiles efficaciously.